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Experienced Electricians in Kent

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service experience by listening to our customers' needs, and by using well mannered, experienced electricians and engineers with exceptional standards and values.


Some of the services that we can provide are:

  • Fault diagnosis and repair
  • Power and lighting circuits
  • Power distribution circuits
  • Add, replace or upgrade distribution boards and consumer units
  • Systems from extra low voltage <50v through to 400v 3 phase (from networking through to pumps and motors)
  • Residual current devices for supplementary protection (RCDs, RCCBs and RCBOs)
  • Energy efficient, security and emergency lighting
  • Source and supply of parts
  • 1, 2 and 3 circuit lighting track available in all black, all white and all silver



As electricity plays a very vital role in our lives and will continue to do so, one must remember to ensure its safe use. This means much more than simply having it inspected every [gov guideline] number of years.

Almost all manufacturers, electricians, and wholesalers happily compromise on quality, reliability, and on your safety. This is only acceptable because we accept it, and have come to expect it.

Electrical connections have come loose over time. Dangerous appliances have been purchased and plugged in without testing. Cables which were once clipped are hanging down. Light fittings are half hanging. Switches are buzzing or not working every time but still in use. There are dark areas in rooms from failed and poorly designed lighting. Non earthed metal parts. Broken assemblies. Constant bulb replacements.

Take a moment to look around and see what is painfully obvious to us. What your staff and customers see.

Research the benefits of RCD protection, tight connections, earthing, and well designed parts and equipment.


As the lighting industry is constantly evolving, everyone can benefit from specialist knowledge of LEDs; lumen output, wattage equivalent, flicker rate, cutout size, colour temperature, ambient temperature, beam angle, maximum usage per day, unified glare rating, ingress rating, colour rendering. Also complications such as tunable white, RGBW, wifi, Bluetooth and hubs.

Learning about lighting is not something you will learn on Amazon. It takes many expensive purchases, catastrophic mistakes, many phone calls, lots of extensive research and experiments.

For light bulbs and fittings we recommend trying these sites:

The LED Specialist.co.uk



In light of humanities latest blunders, there will be major consequences - lower wages, rise in cost of living, lack of supplies, as well as lots of planned riots, looting and thefts. Alarms and lighting are crucial, although not preventative, they will set a kind of time limit on the burglary, and reduce target appeal.

Imagine you come home this evening and you become fully aware someone has unlawfully been inside. How long were they in there? What damage had they done? What was missing? Will you now invest in security after the event?

Immediately look at your locks, windows, what is on show, sensor lighting, SMART lighting or timers, and finally alarms and cameras.

Lighting on timers and sensors is the most effective, then locks and windows, then alarms, then cameras. Cameras are not as effective as you may think.


I respect people who have a go themselves, but do research before purchasing. No, Amazon is not your friend. The guy at the shop counter is not your expert. Cheap is cheap for a reason. If it comes with 1 years warranty then it will only last 1 year.

Some self DIY customers have light switches that commonly fail. They say they are happy to take one back every few months as the wholesaler happily swaps it - this is completely unacceptable.

Some DIY customers have LED bulbs that flicker like a strobe, and lack diffusers. They say they are happy with the energy saving - I have nothing to say.

Take your mobile camera and display the light fitting, if the image is still then you have a great light. If it is moving fast, then get new lighting.


When a fuse trips, try switching all switches off at the fuse box, then switch each switch on until one causes a problem. Then unplug everything on that identified circuit and try to switch it on again. Then plug everything back in until one trips the circuit.

Most common appliances to cause problems are kettles due to spilt water on the base, washing machines and dishwashers due to multiple internal parts that fail, ovens due to heat elements failing, outside lighting due to water ingress.

What actually is an emergency? A sudden or unexpected occasion for action; exigency; pressing necessity. Perhaps a loss of power, or a dangerous connection. Calling it an emergency may feel a little extreme, but it is not.


Lets get real here, if your fusebox requires replacement - then everything has been left to perish.

Is £350 a comfortable price for replacement? Will this cover everything and turn a healthy profit?

We would generally quote around £600 upwards for an installation in good order, and around £1200 upwards for one in bad order.

A new fusebox will mean new supply tails. New Earthing, extending circuit cables, testing, fault finding, repairing.

On completion you should expect no issues throughout the entire installation and any arising problems to be swiftly dealt with without fuss.


Ceiling recessed spotlights - Collingwood H2 or H4 PRO with around 800 lumens and 7watts and black or chrome bezzel.

Retail track lighting - Gamma Illumination Lingo 25deg beam 4000k colour and black with gunmetal heatsink.

Professional intruder alarm - Texecom Ricochet or wired with wireless hybrid. Window shock sensors and phone app. With remote programming and maintenance. Real sounder front and real rear - no fake stuff.

Budget alarm system - AJAX black or white wireless system kit without any upgrades - as this would price it into Texecom territory.

CCTV cameras - Uniview with glass domes, as they look the part, easy to use, are good quality and no major headaches.

Awesome wifi - The Netgear ORBI. Just works. Reliable and user friendly. Generally looking around £250 to £400. Essential if working from home or have a large home. We even have them installed in flats.

Retail or commercial LED panels - Collingwood or Astute LED panels. 3000k or 4000k colour temperature - please do not use daylight 6500k as it has a blue tint and is irritating (which is one of its uses). Future lighting design will soon incorporate automatic colour temperature changes throughout the day.


No job is too difficult or impossible; please email or call us with your requirements.