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Home and Business Security Alarms

Every building is vulnerable to a burglary, they all have something of value to someone nearby who possesses the tenacity to go for it.

As a result alarms are ever increasing in popularity and therefore decreasing their risk whilst systematically increasing your risk.

There are vulnerabilities from human error, such as, leaving windows open and doors unlocked. There are vulnerabilities by design such as; glass windows without steel bars and front doors with only one lock with two hinges.

Alarms disturb, unsettle and annoy anyone in the immediate area. Prevents burglars from being discreet, from talking to each other, and from keeping a ear out. Alarms basically set a time limit on the burglary and often deter the attack altogether.

Available on todays market are toys, expensive toys and professional alarm systems build to be secure. All budgets can be catered for but you should be very selective.

I supply a budget alarm system with several sensors which is the minimum budget/security compromise I am prepared to use for £399inclusive.

Or a professional alarm system with a bespoke design specific to your property, securing every window and door from £699inclusive for a basic starter package upwards averaging between £2000 - £3000inclusive.

There are no monthly subscriptions, all paid upfront and you own the system. No cons, no tricks.

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