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Hello, thank you for considering LECCY.TECH LIMITED to install your new security alarm system.

I can see you are taking some time to invest into your security. A highly dependable alarm system will be a great place to begin. I know myself when we went away for any period of time I would be concerned about the vulnerabilities of our home - Has there been any intrusion into our garden? Has our house had any intruders? Additionally to this - Have we left a window open or a door unlocked while in a hurry to leave? It was always a relief finding everything in good order upon our return.

Having a dog was a very good deterrent, sadly he passed away years ago now. Although while an alarm system does not bite, it does bark very loudly and can bark in two places at once. While no technology could ever compete with the reliability of a dog, your new alarm system will be on guard at every window and door that has a sensor installed together with movement sensors around the rooms.

Since installing our alarm system I know all of our pride and joys are protected and untouched from anywhere in the world via the secure cloud and accessed by the mobile application. I use the phone app to set the alarm when others have left forgetting to set it. I know the noise in the garden while we were sleeping was not our garage or downstairs windows. I know we will not encounter an unexpected guest roaming around our home upon returning in a vulnerable state such as drunk, sick or tired.

We currently only deal with TEXECOM equipment and their partners such as OPTEX and will be for the foreseeable future. This is solely down their reliability, durability, technologies utilised and visual appearance. We generally use the same control panels and group of sensors/detectors across all installation for home or business, so it is more a question of the size and coverage of the alarm system rather than the type of alarm system. This also enables us to keep on top of testing, tracking issues and maintaining our installed systems.

A typical system will consist of:

  • Main control panel.
  • Backup battery for the panel.
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi controller for cloud services.
  • The phone app for iOS/Android.
  • Remote engineer so we can repair issues upon request.
  • Keypad with screen showing alerts.
  • Indoor PIR person detectors strategically placed.
  • Door open contact sensor on main front door (strongly recommend high quality locks on this door).
  • Shock/open door contacts on all other external doors.
  • Shock/open window sensors on all windows (some windows may require more than one sensor if very large or single pain).
  • Proximity key fobs to use on the keypad overriding the 4-6 digit usercodes.
  • An external sounder to the front >109db - 115db with backup internal batteries.
  • An external sounder to the rear >109db - 115db with backup internal batteries.
  • No internal sounder if you have pets.

Additional components can be added:

  • Only one control panel per system (although at least 4 areas on the smaller panels can be setup to create the effect of many systems sharing the same alarm protocol. Such as flats and offices).
  • GPRS SIM card communicator for backup COMMS.
  • Phone app for all users of the system.
  • PIR person detectors, 360degree to go in the middle area of a ceiling, or Dualtech technology incorporating Infrared/microwave technology preventing false alarms from air rush (must see a heat source move as well as physical movement).
  • 32-64+ wireless components per system.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors.
  • External PIR person detectors (dual sensored to prevent false alarms from animals).
  • External window PIR guards to set the alarm off just for looking in.


All our customers are valued. Valued and prioritised.

We are focused on quality. Quality of products, quality of customer service and quality of installations.

We use and discard suppliers based solely on product quality and customer service. I have to say, we use very few companies frequently.


  • Regent Electrical
  • The LED Specialist
  • Gamma Illumination
  • Modern Lighting Solutions
  • ADAX-Solaire
  • DDS Security
  • TLC
  • Edwardes Bros
  • CEF
  • Hobby Homes
  • Heritage Brass
  • Screwfix
  • Collingwood
  • Lights.co.uk
  • Costco


  • Marshall Tufflex - Plastic cable containment.
  • Marco - Plastic cable containment.
  • Unistrut - Metal cable containment.
  • Wago - Cable connectors.
  • Ideal - Cable connectors.
  • Heritage Brass - Decorative switches and sockets.
  • Foss LED - Bespoke LED tape lighting and profiles.
  • Collingwood - Recessed spotlights, LED panels and waterproof battens.
  • Global Nordic Track - 3circuit track lighting.
  • Wylex - Domestic switchgear.
  • Eaton - Commercial switchgear.
  • Wiska - Junction boxes and SWA glands.
  • Uniview - CCTV cameras and recorders.
  • Texecom - Intruder alarm systems.
  • AJAX - Intruder alarm systems.
  • Netgear - Ethernet switches.
  • Orbi - Full home or business wifi.
  • Ring - Doorbells and chimes.
  • Sanos - Television brackets.
  • Hamilton - Audio equipment, switches and sockets.
  • Prysmian - Cables.
  • Heatmiser - Underfloor heating controls.
  • NEST - Heating and hot water controls.
  • Varilight - Dimmer switch modules.
  • Ledvance - RGBW smart light bulbs.
  • Philips - Light bulbs.
  • Osram - Light bulbs.
  • Astute Lighting - Remote control lighting.
  • Sensio - Undercupboard lighting.
  • Gamma Illumination - Track light fittings.


Prices start at £699 for a very basic starter kit to build upon later. Most commonly around £1500 - £2500. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements and expectations.